Workplace Consulting means a performance-enhancing feel-good workplace. That's how you
motivate your team.

Is there a renovation or refurbishment project planned for your company? Have you ever considered how the work environment affects teamwork or your business's workflow? Area distribution, furnishings, acoustics and light all determine communication channels and well-being. How much more successful might your company be if your employees felt at ease and were highly motivated? Your workspace defines who you are. It is the essence of your corporate identity and what customers, job applicants and business partners perceive. Give your workstyle an UP.GREAT and take your business to the next level.

As your partner, we will support you with our scientifically proven and product-neutral Workplace Consulting in order to make your company's personality more visible. Our highly experienced, intuitive and dynamic team will accompany you and your employees on each step of the way. Together we'll come to understand the different ways that teams work and get to know your company's defining characteristics. We share your vision and we'll help you bring it to life.


Specific weighting

Your company is unique. Our consulting guarantees you a customised concept, not a standard "quick fix" solution. Our expertise, your decision. How important is employee participation, individual work styles or corporate culture to you? Tell us what you imagine – and we'll recommend a coherent solution.


Modular construction

Our tailor-made project plan meets your needs and gives you planning security. We have a rich pool of interactive methods at our disposal. This allows us to tailor our survey and workshop modules to your project's exact requirements.



Workplace analysis

Firstly, we do an analysis of your company: How does your existing or previous business environment work? What factors do you depend on for good performance? What expectations do your employees have? The result is the starting point for a modern working space with a motivating atmosphere.




What is the optimal work environment for your business? The workplace should motivate your employees and promote communication. In the Co-Creation workshop, we develop ideas together. Your employees can participate and help shape any changes. This creates acceptance of the change and promotes constructive sharing. These are the basic conditions for a sustainable and successful project.



Concept planning

The initial ideas come from you and your team. We create a holistic concept for your New Work environment from the results of the consultation. Each step is documented so that you can fully understand what your project team has worked out. Why not continue this culture of co-determination in the subsequent planning phases? With our experts at your side, your company will gradually become a performance-enhancing feel-good workplace.


Change management

You have the courage to change – but is your team involved? It isn't so easy to leave the well-worn paths of established workflows. With thoughtful and sensitive action, conflicts can be avoided. Our team of experts will help you with internal and external communication. What concerns do you and your employees have? We'll listen and show you the options. Jointly developed strategies lead to lasting success.


During the redesign of our premises, the UP.GREAT team not only gave us first-class advice, but participated in an agile coaching programme that resulted in a truly interactive experience.

IHK Berlin


The UP.GREAT company is well advised and responds to individual requests. Therefore, I can only recommend it.



Great products, smooth implementation of the installation – a company we would always recommend.

Marley Spoon


We feel very well advised, are thrilled with the variety that UP.GREAT offers and are super satisfied with the furniture.

HeartSpace – wefox
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