Promote team spirit and inspire customers with individual office planning. UP.GREAT your business.

UP.GREAT Berlin, is your new office planning partner. Together with you and your project team, we work out the solutions that suit you precisely. Imagine a whole new sense of "us" in your newly designed working environment. Your employees will love simplified communication that makes them passionate about work. Not only do your customers notice the change, a modern and innovative work environment will also attract talented new employees to your business.

Our experienced team of experts is at your side through each phase. They'll guide you through the planning process safely and professionally. This will help you design and implement your New Workenvironment quickly while keeping costs within budget. Individual planning means: we listen to your needs, you understand everything. We're flexible and will adapt everything according to your wishes. What is your New Work dream? We'll realise it with you and for you.




Get to know, analyse, understand

To kick off, we'll discuss the most important point of the transformation, from initial ideas to consulting and zoning, with you and your team. Analysis follows in a familiar atmosphere: which department has specific requirements? Different workstyles, internal and external workflows? The current working environment? Everything is considered. The working space should adapt to the needs of your employees.



Zoning and fitting planning

With you, we determine the distribution area of your New Work environment: the zones in which different activities take place; Come, Communicate, Work, Social, Use. How many work places should be created per room and per zone? With your project team, we precisely plan the occupancy and size of meeting, business and social areas. Based on the floor plan, you'll soon see how your new workplace is taking shape.



Look & feel

We develop a holistic office concept that's tailored to your individual needs and which makes your business more visible. The mood board shows photos, sketches and a material and colour concept. Which type of space awaits you? As soon as you have approved the design phase of your new office, the fine work follows. Does your New Work environment need special structures? Which trades areinvolved? We take over project management and cost control; your projected budget is the basis for detailed elaboration of the next phase.



Interior specification

Now we work out the details. We visualise your New Work world in 3D views, allowing you to
imagine the colour scheme and furniture in each room. During the sampling, we present the 3D views together with mood boards, furniture, floor coverings and wall design. This gives you an overall view and lets you see how everything about the planned concept works in harmony. We also plan and calculate acoustics and lighting, creating a feel-good atmosphere in which your employees feel highly motivated.



Realisation of the project

Now your New Work world becomes reality. We manage the punctual completion of all trades
including lighting and acoustics and the timely delivery and installation of office furniture.
Afterwards, a joint final inspection will be carried out until you are fully satisfied with every detail. Now you're ready to start.

Additional services

Carpentry and joinery including planning, floor laying, painting and wrapping, lighting concepts and
acoustics, drywall, glass elements, room-in-room solutions, textile interior design, artistic wall and
floor design, individualised product design and small series, control of the trades.

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