The world of work instead of the workplace

Always sit in the same place? That’s how it used to be. After all, you inhabit your perfect working environment, where you have everything you require.

Do you need some rest after two hours in the open office? Would you like to be alone in a Swedish hut by a lake in the middle of a forest? Because you really have to concentrate to finish writing the budget plan? Then off you go into the silence. In other words, in the screened focus room, where nothing can disturb you.

Do you want to develop a new product idea with your project team? And for that you need a stimulating environment, preferably something similar to the jungle in Bali? Then off you go to the think tank. With high tables and sliding whiteboards. And green walls. And plants everywhere. Anything goes in there. You can even scream because you’ve had such a great idea. Or crumple up paper into balls and throw it around.

Are you longing for a cappuccino with perfect milk foam and your favourite colleague? Get going, then. To the cafeteria. And who knows, you might also come across a strange animal along the way that you’ve never seen before. And your favourite colleague tells you tit’s the boss’ new dog. That looks more like a sheep.

After a strenuous meeting, do you dream of a deck chair on the beach in Sardinia to relax and finally find the solution to the IT problem while gazing out on the turquoise sea? Then quick, get your laptop and go to the soft lounge with a view of the Spree, at least.

Are you sad now because you always have to sit in the same place? Then contact us.