Quiet, please!

The phone is ringing. You pick it up and can’t understand a thing because Lilli and Alice are talking too loud. You shout “Quiet!” but nobody pays any attention to you. You are trying to go somewhere else with your phone, but the cord doesn’t reach very far. You simply hang up. Damn, that was Daniel, your most important customer. Your head is spinning, there is a high-pitched whistling in your left ear. You cover your ears, but can still hear Lilli and Alice discussing the best vegan sausage. You get up and want to go to the meeting room with your laptop. But it is occupied, as usual. Then at least you could get a coffee. You press the button, but the stupid machine only dispenses hot steam. You have a temper tantrum and hit the cupboard. You are momentarily startled when the door falls off. Then you go to the bathroom with your laptop, the only quiet place in the office. Sit on the closed toilet seat and can finally type an apology email to Daniel in peace. Until there is a knock on the cubicle door. “Felix? Daniel just called me, he doesn’t want to work with us anymore. You must have yelled at him,” he says. “How about you take a few days off?”
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