Video calls are enjoying their moment in the sun as communications media

At first they took some getting used to. You had to learn how to mute yourself or share your screen, but now it’s completely normal for everyone to use in everyday office life. You coordinate with colleagues, customers and business partners via online meetings. Even job interviews are conducted digitally because many people are working from home due to the pandemic. Those who are in the office need a place to retreat for their video calls and phone calls. And telephone booths are the ideal solution: They shield conversations acoustically, have the necessary technical equipment and a ventilation system that exchanges the air within one to two minutes.

Telephone booths can be set up without any construction work. If the office landscape is redesigned due to corona protective measures, they can be easily converted. The possible technical equipment ranges from socket, USB, LAN connection, phone induction charger to a screen holder. The telephone booths are available in many colours and can be selected to match the colour scheme of the office or to go with the corporate colour. Simply step inside, close the door and make phone calls undisturbed and hold online meetings – using your mobile phone, laptop or via the built-in screen. You can contact us directly for enquiries. We’ll gladly advise you.