New Normal Workspace

No question about it, our work organisation has changed rapidly and drastically due to Corona. Many changes are here to stay and become part of the so-called “new normal”. But how does this affect the working environment after the pandemic?

An app for desk sharing concepts

Employees use apps to independently book their workstations and meeting rooms according to their tasks.

The benefits of office plants

“On the subject of ‘sitting around looking pretty’: Today I improved the humidity levels, shielded you from visual disturbances, demarcated zones in the office space, dampened sound, absorbed all kinds of pollutants and produced oxygen, increased the team’s wellbeing, and yes, I sat around looking pretty. I deserved to, after all. And what about you?”- your office plant.

Different room types

When teams grow, communications networks can become complex. Communications are then less productive and numerous disruptive factors are introduced. Select room types that support different communication styles. Arrange these rooms so that larger teams can work together efficiently.