Redesign the office – but how?

Redesign the office – but how?

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Head of New Business and your contact for the initial questions you and your team might have about the setup and design of your office. When does office remodeling make sense? Should the team be involved in the design? How much budget must be planned? Feel free to contact me directly at, by phone or simply using the contact form. You are also welcome to book a free appointment and we will call you at the desired time. My team and I look forward to getting to know you.

Can’t think of ideas? Get inspired.

Lounge areas as a comfortable place to work. Fortunately, it has found its way into the office: the lounge. And a lounge is not just a sofa in the waiting area, it can be much more: It can create landscapes of encounter, shield from the open office or offer a cozy laptop workstation.

Optimum light in the workplace is important for health. Light creates atmosphere, sets accents and brings out the best in architecture. In addition, lights are a decorative element in the overall planning. How bright is the lamp, what color temperature and whether it is for example a pendant, floor or table lamp, all depends on the area in which it is used.

The classic meeting room is representative and in an extra room, so that you can talk to customers, colleagues or applicants undisturbed and without any sound getting out. Nowadays, a meeting room no longer has to look classic, it can be more laid-back or it can be a mobile meeting pod for instance. A meeting room is therefore screened off, has comfortable meeting furniture and a screen for presentations and hybrid meetings. And: A high table also works for quick meetings.

In order to keep the noise level in the office as low as possible, it is important to offer employees a place where they can not only work in peace, but simultaneously do not disturb other employees. Telephone boxes serve as a solution.

Rooms for planned meetings, in which the development and implementation of ideas is the focus, can look very different, depending on the industry and working methods, or depending on the culture of innovation in the company.

An open space office only works if there are all- round optimal acoustic conditions. Good room acoustics improve the ability to concentrate and promote general well-being. Depending on the room type, there are recommended background noise levels.

How can we support you?

A workshop in advance with your team? No problem. You want to plan your office straight away? We create various designs for you. You already have a clear vision and need help with the final furniture selection including delivery and assembly? Our team takes on the entire coordination for you.

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Take a look at some of our references.

KoRo, known for its nut butters and dried fruits, was founded in 2012 and is one of the fastest growing D2C companies in Germany (total company turnover in 2021 was EUR 62 million). The headquarter is in Berlin and the company is currently active in 18 European countries.

Choco is an app for restaurants, bars, bakeries and supermarkets, in which goods can be reordered from various suppliers in a bundle. The Berlin start-up reached a valuation of 1.12 billion euros in spring 2022 and can now call itself Unicorn because Choco is one of the few billion-dollar start-ups in Germany.

Founded in 1892, Hertha BSC is the largest sports club in the capital with almost 42,000 members. The club is based in Berlin’s Westend district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and is best known for its football department.

Daher is the world’s seventh largest manufacturer of aircraft for general aviation and business aviation. In addition to aircraft construction, the company, which was founded in 1863, is active in the fields of aviation equipment and systems as well as logistics and supply chain services.

TheIHK Berlin The IHK Berlin has been based in the Ludwig-Erhard-Haus since 1998. A total of 15 elliptical arches, up to 38.6 meters high and 61.2 meters wide, form the basic structure of the building.

HB Reavis is an enterprise group that develops, owns and manages real estate projects in Germany, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey and Hungary. The realized projects include the Twin City Tower in Bratislava and the 33 Central in London.

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