• Emarsys

Emarsys has moved into a new building in Berlin-Adlershof. Workplaces, meeting rooms, break rooms and a fitness studio for employees have been created on three floors including the roof terrace.

Client: Emarsys Interactive Services GmbH
Services: Beratung, Lieferung & Montage
Areas: Meeting, Office
Location: Berlin
Realised: 2020
Photos: Jan Kapitän

The open-plan office on the first floor was equipped with height-adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, the right lighting and acoustically effective partition walls. Each employee has a lockable compartment built into the desk. This means that employees can work in a concentrated and comfortable manner.

Several work lounges offer the software company’s employees a retreat for meetings and short breaks.

Small meeting rooms also serve as a retreat for phone calls, meetings and concentrated work. There are enough lockers on each floor for the employees’ work materials or private utensils.

The second floor is also equipped with standing/sitting desks and ergonomic chairs. Plenty of storage space, wall hooks and the acoustically effective partition walls give the open-plan office a calm and serene atmosphere. Various conference rooms are available for meetings.

On the upper floor there are additional workplaces, individual offices, meeting facilities and an additional roof terrace, which is available for employee relaxation and also for meetings. The various shades of blue, green and grey are also echoed there. Attention was paid to providing a pleasant and calm atmosphere on every floor so that the software company Emarsys’ employees can work in a concentrated and efficient manner and spend their breaks in comfort and relaxation. There is also a staff gym on the fourth floor.