We have developed a modular service system so we can respond to your wishes as precisely as possible. This consists of seven modules and can be booked individually or as a holistic solution.

Workspace Strategy

What do you want your office to look like in the future? What technical and spatial equipment should it offer? And what do your employees want in order to work together in a focused, collaborative and productive way? We clarify questions like these with our workspace strategy. Request now.


Particularly in change management, the staff and their concerns are in the foreground. We respond to them and show them the opportunity of participating in shaping their future work and organisational culture. In doing so, we rely on three core competencies. Request now.

Interior Design

A room design succeeds when the goals are implemented in a tangible and user-centred way. Well thought out interior design forms an essential part of achieving this. In addition to considering the use of materials, colours, light and acoustics, this discipline also takes into account the sequence of experiences in the room. The focus is always on people with their complex needs, wishes and requirements. Request now.


Every project we implement is unique. So is yours. Individual planning of the specific project steps is thus required, which we define together with you in
advance. We orchestrate the process with all parties involved and inform
you about the current status at regular intervals. Request now.


Whether starting up, scaling up or relocating: There are many reasons for needing a new office space. We know how challenging this step can be, especially in big cities. So we take care of the property search for you and find a property that meets your individual requirements. Request now.

Budget Calculator

At the beginning of a project, many of our clients ask the same question: How complex is a transformation of this nature? This depends on various factors.
The decisive parameters are your quality requirements, time frame and investment budget. Before we go into project planning, it is important to align these three parameters. Request now.


Tenders are an important tool to enable transparency and fair competition. And they are not just for the public sector: many companies use this tool when requesting offers. We are glad to have the support of a well-established company like Lindemann that has been involved in preparing, sifting and evaluating tenders for years. Request now.

Let’s talk about your future office

Let’s talk about your future office